Visegrad Children 4 Digital Society

Hope for Children Hungary is made a projekt whit Institut neformalneho vzdelavania (Institute of non-formal education), Národní centrum bezpečnějšího internetu (National Safer Internet Centre) and Stowarzyszenie Młodych Dziennikarzy “Polis” (Young Journalists’ Association ‘Polis’), which name is Visegrad Children 4 Digital Society.

The project aims to channelize and transfer the views of children on their rights in the digital environment to policy-makers in the V4 region. Child participation is an innovative approach in this context and means that children individually or as a group have the right, the means, the space, the opportunity and, where necessary, the support to freely express their views, to be heard and to contribute to decision making on matters affecting them, as well as their views being given due weight in accordance with their age and maturity. In addition to the contribution to the development and improvement of children and/or internet strategies, the project will enhance the use of child participation as a horizontal approach in policy-making and raise awareness on children’s right to be heard.

Target groups