#GoodGovernanceinSport Interactive Roundtable Discussion

On 05.08.2020 Hungary held the dissemination event of the #GoodGovernanceInSport project.

Within the framework of the Interactive Roundtable Discussion on #GoodgovernanceInSport, following the keynote presentation disseminating the results of the project, experts from both the field of sport and youth policy shared good practices and made recommendations related to current issues such as challenges and opportunities created by the #Covid19 pandemic.

Furthermore, the organisation of sport events online and offline was also discussed along with topics like conflict resolution and decision making during crisis.

The event was hosted by Dóra Faragó and Lilla Nedeczky as Hope for Children Hungary Board.

For further information about the project visit https://www.eusport.org/goodgovernance

For the video of the event click here: